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Monday, August 23, 2010

A New Beginning

Almost 12 am last night, I finished the 8th baju kurung. I started the first beading somewhere in July 2010; about 2-3 weeks before Ramadhan. Seriously about the online shopping, I browsed and "studied" other websites, from corporate organization to individuals. I learned their method, approach and relevant components.Well, it's an on-going learing process. So I drafted my own, which is very raw as it has no products! While struggling finding what sort of product to sell, I met friends and discussed about the idea. I put a lot of thoughts on how to make it work. Finally, I had the kick-off starting with the long shopping list and other tools.. from the very basic items to the smallest tiny items like loytapes! Hehehe... As this is a one-man-show, I could not depend on others. So, I did all on my own to accomplish a collection. Excited with the new adventure, I really thought that I was in Project Runaway in a marathon from one piece to another. Anyway, I plan to deliver another 7 pieces before Aidilfitri; but for now I just want to enjoy with my first 8 busana istimewa...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Packaging for Clients

Persedian pakej Aidilfitri untuk Pelanggan...

Box for baju kurung, checked!

Sewing kit, checked!

Tag/Label, checked!

Brown paper & white rope for postage wrapping, checked!

Baju kurung.. errr.. masih ada yang belum siap! Huhuh...


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